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Project application of 4bay purification light
This is a project applied to mobile emergency medical equipment.
The series of products used are 4Bay purification light series.
The 4bay purification light uses a truly effective purification Wavelength-Ultraviolet C.

Product Advantages:
1、Minimal additional spend with lower operational costs than regular gas fluorescent lighting.
2、8 times UVC output & 5 times life span than UV tube.
3、Intelligent controls detection controls protects workforce from any harmful UVC radiation dosage.
4、No additional installation except 4Bay lamp itself, easy to operate and maintain.
5、No Mercury & Ozone emissions during operation together with no 'end of life' disposal issues.
6、Keep the operation area under lights clean from pathogenic bacteria.
7、In built safeguards against exposure.
8、Silent potent disinfection providing assured peace of mind.