Innovative Led Industrial Light Manufacturer

2018 HK International Spring Lighting Fair ended beautifully
Shenzhen coming technology co., LTD., brings the newest and most popular multi-function lighting products to the exhibition and has been favored by many exhibitors. At the exhibition, the sales staff of G-COMIN insisted on receiving each visiting customer with the best status and the most professional services. They explained the product features in detail and demonstrated the good mental outlook and corporate image of the G-COMIN people.
The salesman said: "A lot of customers are interested in our multifunction products, let us explain the principle and conduct on-site demonstration.Some customers communicate with us in depth and ask us to introduce products, factories, prices, etc.”
In addition to the salesman, executives and the key technical personnel of G-COMIN also participating in the Hong Kong exhibition to fully understand the current lighting market conditions and the future development trend.