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Large-scale factory lighting project
Ensuring that all industries operate at the best capacity depends on appropriate lighting solutions.

Customers have adopted HALO and X300 in the latest factory project. 

For even lighting at low energy costs, facilitating a high efficiency work environment.

The HALO series is better than the traditional round industrial and mining lamps, IP66 waterproof grade, light transmittance>94%. 

It provides significantly stronger lumen output and outstanding durability for the regional applications you need. 

It is very suitable for various large-scale indoor venue applications with excellent performance.

CO-X300 is an integrated indoor linear light with a high CRI design, will not cover up dust and dirt inside, 

is easy to install, and unique anti-glare design, and the light emitted is very soft.

G-COMIN is the first choice for you and the best for all industrial needs! 

Project: Factory

Product:HALO-100W & 200W 


Product: X300-60W-1200mm