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Why choose solar?
A solar lighting system uses natural light to provide illumination.
The construction of a solar lighting system serves as a means of reducing energy imports and dependence upon oil and gas, which mitigate the risk of fuel-price volatility and supplies energy for small-scale lighting applications when and where electricity is most limited and most expensive.

With the intensification of the energy crises all over the world, all the countries are looking for a way to solve this serious problem. 

One way is to search the new energy and take advantage of renewable energy. 

Another way is to exploit the new energy-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption and improve the utilization efficiency of energy.

Solar energy is the most direct, common, and clean energy on our planet we have already found until now. 

Total solar energy absorbed by the Earth is about 3,850,000exajoules (EJ) in one year, 

which is even twice as much as all the non-renewable resources on the earth found and used by human beings, 

including coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium, etc. The solar resources can be seemed inexhaustible.

LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light. 

It is characterized by small size, low power consumption, long service life, environmental protection, and endurance. 

The spectrum of the LED is mostly concentrated in the visible light spectrum, 

so it has a high luminous efficiency which can be described as the great reform in the solid light source.

This essay briefly describes the solar-led street lighting system.

It uses solar radiation energy to charge the battery with the solar panel during the daytime and offers energy to the LED light equipment at night. 

This system has a double advantage in both utilization of new energy and energy-saving.

Requirements on solar LED street light and significance of design

The solar light does not need to set up the transmission line or route the cable, and no special management and control are required. 

It can be installed in the entire public place such as the square, the parking lot, the campus, the street or the highway, etc.

Lighting is closely related to people's daily life. 

Following quick development in process of the global urbanization, the green, efficient, and long-life LED light gradually enters into our lives.


A good solar lighting system is characterized by high efficiency, energy-saving, long-life, high color rendering index, and environmental protection, 

which not only has a great significance on energy-saving of the city lighting but also has a close relationship with people's health and the economic development. 

So it is a noticeable issue how to design a reasonable solar light system. In my opinion, the following basic requirements on qualified solar lights.

The system shall meet during the design process:

(1) Learn general information about the meteorological conditions in the area.

(2) Select the cost-effective solar panel, the controller, the battery, and a series of components.

(3) Adopt effective measures to protect the system. 

These conditions ensure to design of a reasonable solution and realize the significance and value of the existence of solar Light.