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LED Stadium Lighting For Brighter and Better Sports with Big Energy Savings
LED is Superior - Cost, Energy, and the Environment......

LED lighting has evolved immensely since its invention in 1962. 

It now dominates the residential and commercial lighting industry and is also the ideal lighting option for a stadium setting for a multitude of reasons. 

Among the most important reasons, LED stadium lighting is more cost- and energy-efficient, 

is more environmentally-friendly, provides higher quality less-glare lighting, and is both durable and flexible in use. 

Additionally, LED is much smaller than other forms of lighting that are traditionally used in a stadium setting. 

Stadiums require an enormous amount of lighting and LED, with its much smaller and compact in size, is ideal. 

The smaller size also allows for lighting to be designed and situated in ways and places that more traditional 

types of lighting would be unable to do. For a massive stadium setting, this is an invaluable feature.

More Benefits of LED Stadium Lighting

• LED lights last longer. On average, the new LED lights will last 100,000 hours at LM70 –

that is six times more lifespan than traditional stadium lighting!

• LED lights require less maintenance. With a longer lifespan, this means you will be keeping 

money in your pocket that would have been spent for replacement lights, lift rentals, and the service of a qualified electrician.

• LED lights are made to withstand extreme elements – hot, cold, wet, or dry (or a combination of components). 

With their durability and flexibility for usage, this makes LED stadium lighting an excellent choice for all areas.

Project:  Tennis Court

Model:  T300-300W

Installation Height: 12m

Average Illumination: 750lux

LED Flood Light, T300