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How to extend the life of the light source?
LED lighting has become a new generation of lighting and has attracted much attention. So how much do you know about how to extend the service life of LEDs?

The development of society and the progress of science have brought us new opportunities, but also new challenges. 

In today's increasingly rich material wealth, how to make full use of energy and maximize the utility of energy has become an important issue. 

Nowadays, LED lamps and lanterns have gone to tens of thousands of households, and their long service life and energy-saving characteristics have made them popular. 

Among the various parameters of LED lamps, the life parameter is the most representative parameter, and it is also the most concerned indicator.

  1. Stable voltage. The lamp terminal voltage should be stabilized at 90%~105% of the rated voltage. Low voltage will make it difficult to start the high-pressure gas discharge lamp,

    and the increase in voltage will seriously shorten the life of the bulb. In road lighting design and construction, the day and night changes in line voltage should be calculated,

    and the beginning and end voltage of the lighting line should be adjusted to a reasonable range of change. There are a variety of voltage stabilizing and voltage regulating devices,

    which can reduce the impact of high voltage on the life of the bulb and achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

  2. Use high-quality bulbs and supporting accessories. It is necessary to make economic and technical comparisons between different types of bulbs and accessories.

    Often high-quality bulbs and matching accessories have long life and high luminous efficiency, and the overall economic and technical benefits are superior.

  3. Carefully use high-pressure sodium lamps with wire-wound quick start. Because a quick start will shorten the life of the bulb. Some large manufacturers have introduced

    a new type of high-pressure gas discharge lamp with quick start,It has a long life and improved light efficiency. After careful inspection, it can be used boldly.

  4. The external trigger high-pressure gas discharge lamp is adopted. The bulb has a simple structure and a long life, but there are many components and a large amount of maintenance.

  5. Use a ballast with a smaller starting current. Can extend the service life of the lamp.

  6. Choose a long-life light source. Induction lamps and LED lamps have a long life and can be considered for use. For the same type of electric light source, products from different manufacturers

    will be different. If you choose a reputable product from a large manufacturer, the bulb will be used for a long time.