• Congratulations to G-COMIN on the success of the 2017 Moscow Lighting Show


    Nov. 8-11, 2017, the 24th Moscow international lighting exhibition was held at the Moscow international exhibition center.This exhibition is the largest exhibiyion of lighting, lighting, lighting and accessories exhibition in eastern European countries. It attracted nearly 700 exhibitors from all over the word. In 2017, the show attracted over 28,438 visitors. During the exhibition, our company exhibited a unique and innovative new product T500, which attracted many customers from domestic and foreign customers to our booth. Our staff were enthusiastic reception the visitors,answer various problems seriously,and exchanged business cards, and many customer purchased samples for test. Through this exhibition, coming has not only demonstrated new products and innovative technologies, but also demonstrated the strength of the company and laid the foundation for further cooperation.

  • G-COMIN is once again participating the 2017 Hong Kong international autumn lighting fair


    Shenzhen Coming Technology Co., ltd attended the Hongkong International Lighting Exhibition, Autumn edition on 27-30, Otc, 2017, and mainly displayed new products T500, T400 and 4Bay series. Our booth attracted great attention and interest of over 1,000 clients, especially the “Omnidirectional rotatable T500 ”. Many potential clients requested a factory visit after the fair, and some of them took samples directly from our factory for project evaluation. The exhibition was a great success. We will keep providing high quality products and let more clients know about G-COMIN.

  • Shenzhen Coming Technology Co., ltd meet you at 2017 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition


    The Hong Kong international autumn lighting fair, organized by HKTDC, opens at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre on October 27, 2017. The lighting innovation brand COMIN will also meet you in 2017 Hong Kong international autumn lighting exhibition.COMIN mainly focuses on the industrial lighting products . And it is a integrating r&d, design, production and sales of innovative brands. To become the lighting industry's most environmentally friendly, the most new, the most cutting edge brand as the goal. At present, COMIN has customers all over the world, including Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East and so on.This time, COMIN will bring the new R&D products T500 to the exhibition, the unique new product luminous flux up to 165LM/W. and a variety of angles can be interchangeable. Our T400 products also made new improvements, the luminous flux reach to 160LM / W from previous 140LM / W, Now the bracket can rotate 360 °. Which meet the customer's omni-directional installation demand, also reduce the installation cost. For a more authentic experience of these new product, from October 27 to 30, 2017, Please come to our booth: 3CON-086. COMIN will be waiting for you here.

  • For the first time,Coming participated in the American Light Show West in Los Angeles, from 11th-12th, october in 2017


    The 13th American west lighting fair ended in Los Angeles on October 12, 2017. Shenzhen coming technology co., ltd. Was attend to the exhibition and display the multifunctional lamp, Highbay Light 4 bay. In the exhibition our unearthed a large number of potential customers, and laid a solid foundation to expand the market. Lasted 2 days (October 11-12) of the exhibition, the toolless manual adjustment of the high luminous flux product 4BAY in coming has attracted numerous exhibitors. Our staff actively introduces the features and advantages of our products to visitors. And when the client get to know our products , they showed strong cooperation intention.

  • The latest products of G-COMIN will be displayed in 2017 Mexico Electric Lighting Exhibition


    2017 Mexico Electric Lighting Exhibition will be held from June 6, 2017 to 8 in Mexico City Centro Banamex. Professional manufacturers, agents, government and buyers exhibitors around the world, the audience will be gathered to share the latest development of LED technology, application implementation experience. This exhibition, Shenzhen Coming Technology Co., Ltd. will bring the latest products to exhibitors, with industry customers and end users to enhance interaction. The current exhibition, COMIN will display the UFO products 4BAY, flood light T400 series, COMIN LED products have been excellent performance and strong sense of the industry known, believe that the new technology results 4BAY will also bring visitors a Big shock. Here, we sincerely invite interested customers to visit our new products at booth No. sala C 635.

  • "Travel trip, the collective companions" - Goming Technology 2017 employees tourism activities


    In order to promote mutual understanding between departments and enhance team cohesion, May 5 - 6, the company organized a two-day staff tourism activities, the destination is Jiangmen City Enping Dili are hot springs Enping Imperial Spa, emerging Tianlu Shan Zen Longxia drift, Shunde every simple water. 5A-level landscape culture hot spring base, stimulate the drifting, and then along the way through every beautiful landscape, everyone's mood is always so full of passion and expectations.

  • Bewildering Appearance of G-comin in Miami Show


    On May 18, 2017 -20, the Miami lighting show was successfully held at the Miami Airport Convention center. Miami International Building & Lighting Exhibition aims to promote trade between the United States, Central American countries, Caribbean coastal countries and Asian countries. So far has been successfully held 13 sessions, a total of more than 600 exhibitors from around the world together. And that as a strategic fortress to enter the South American and North American markets, it attracted world-renowned companies and buyers gathered here. The show, COMING carrying 4BAY, T400, T300 series and many other star products debut, successfully attracted the attention of customers, so that customers more profound understanding of the COMING brand and products. Although the exhibition time is only three days time, but in the three days of the COMING booth on the crowd surging, the high-value, high-quality led highbay Light attracted the attention of numerous customers, constant consultation and discussion, successfully attracted a large number of Customers stop to enjoy, won the customer recognition, the follow-up cooperation reached a very good first impression.

  • Coming Technology Participate to the 2017 Hongkong spring Lighting Fair


    “2017 Hong Kong Spring Lighting Fair” has officially opened at Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre on April 6, 2017. As focusing on the LED lamps and lanterns industry development platform in domestic for exchange and display , HKF has attracted a large number of enterprises and audience. Coming Technology as an exhibitor located at Booth No.1B-F42 . Committed to becoming a domestic leading LED lighting brand,Coming Technology launched a new orignal design product 4BAY. 4BAY series adopted stable and efficient SMD packaging technology that made the product a higher density of light output to meet the customers needs of highlux. The products are mainly used in indoor lighting, including shopping malls, offices, warehouses, airports, hospitals, etc.. The exhibition of the new 4BAY series and T400 series won everyone's consistent high praise.

  • Coming technology's 4BAY become the focus again in the 2017 Poland Warsaw International Lighting Fair


    Congratulations to Shenzhen Coming Technology, participating in 2017 the 25th Poland Warsaw International Lighting Fair to a complete success. As a famous brand of LED lighting business, Coming Technology attended this HongKong Lighting Fair. In this fair, we mainly showed our new highbay light 4bay. During the days exhibitions, Our products have attracted many customers, many customer showed great interest for our dispaly products, most of them do a detail consulation on the booth, and hope have a good cooperations. Among all the dispaly products, Our Highbay Light 4BAY, Flood Light T300/T400 series, Down Light D300 and Street Light L300 become one of the shining point of this exhibition

  • Do not forget the original intention, to move forward:COMING relocation have a complete success


    January, 15, 2017, Shenzhen coming technology Co., Ltd Formal relocation to the new address-- Coming Innovation Park, NO.25, Changjin Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China. Office area enlarge to more than 2000 square meters, except the new administrative area on the second floor, we also established professional products test area on the 3th floor, added various Product testing equipment. Company moving symbolize COMING on a new level, we will be a new look to show colleagues with a new concept and high quality service to our customers! From now on, we will be full of enthusiasm, favorable mental state, to create a brilliant success, with a hundredfold effort to work together and create a better future!