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TL-300 | Multi-Scene Lighting Solution

TL-300 is a multi-scene lighting solution designed to meet the illumination needs across various industries. 

Whether it's commercial spaces, outdoor events, or industrial environments, TL-300 delivers impressive lighting effects. 

Its flexibility and convenience make it a unique choice in the current market.



The flexibility and powerful features of TL-300 make it suitable for various industrial settings, providing outstanding lighting solutions for professionals

in different industries.

Manufacturing Industry: 

On production lines in the manufacturing industry, TL-300's dual-head design ensures comprehensive lighting coverage, aiding workers in precise operations and improving production efficiency. Its 360-degree rotation feature allows easy adjustment of the lighting direction to meet the needs of different equipment.

Warehousing and Logistics: 

Warehouses and logistics centers require good lighting to ensure efficient management and safe operations. TL-300 offers a highly adjustable lighting solution that can cover large areas, helping staff quickly and accurately handle goods.

Construction Sites: 

In construction sites, TL-300's high flexibility is very useful. Workers can easily carry and operate it alone, quickly providing the required lighting in different areas. Its rotation feature addresses the lighting needs of different construction stages.

Automotive Manufacturing and Repair: 

TL-300 is also highly valuable in the automotive manufacturing and repair industry. Its rotatable head design allows engineers to accurately illuminate complex automotive components, improving repair efficiency.

Other Industrial Applications: 

In addition to the mentioned industries, TL-300 proves to be beneficial in mining, aerospace, agriculture, and other fields, adapting to various environments and operational requirements.

No matter the industry, TL-300's multifunctionality and user-friendly design offer a flexible and efficient lighting experience, providing reliable

support for industrial production and operations.